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Our London joiners produce the highest quality bespoke timber windows & timber doors offering bespoke joinery services in London.

At Brothers Joinery, we uphold the highest standards as FENSA-approved installers. Here are the 10 essential rules that guide our commitment to excellence and quality craftsmanship:

1. Compliance with Building Regulations

Ensuring the safety and legality of installations is our priority, providing clients with confidence and peace of mind.

2. Quality Materials

Guaranteeing durability and performance, our installations withstand the test of time.

3. Proper Training

Equipping our team with the latest knowledge and skills ensures top-notch craftsmanship.

4. Accurate Measurements

Critical for perfect fitting, preventing issues post-installation and ensuring seamless integration.

5. Clean Work Environment

Maintaining safety and professionalism, reducing the risk of accidents and keeping sites orderly.

6. Customer Communication

Keeping clients informed fosters trust and ensures their expectations are met at every stage.

7. Insurance Coverage

Providing peace of mind with insurance-backed guarantees, protecting our clients’ investments.

8. Documentation

Streamlining processes by registering work with local authorities, ensuring compliance with regulations.

9. Regular Assessments

Consistently meeting and exceeding industry standards through frequent evaluations.

10. Customer Satisfaction

Driving us to deliver exceptional results, ensuring every client is thrilled with our work.

Why These Rules Matter:

Compliance with building regulations and using quality materials ensures safety, longevity, and reliability. Proper training and accurate measurements prevent issues and maintain high standards. A clean work environment and effective communication build trust, while insurance coverage and proper documentation offer peace of mind. Regular assessments and a focus on customer satisfaction ensure excellence in every project.

Explore more about FENSA and its importance at FENSA.


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