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Our London joiners produce the highest quality bespoke timber windows & timber doors offering bespoke joinery services in London.

There are many advantages of using beautiful natural timber in windows & doors, the feeling of warmth that this amazing material has, its durability, resistance & weatherproofing, its insulating capabilities against sudden changes of temperature & its incredible sound proofing qualities in addition to the latest advances in available finishes and in maintenance are some, but not all, of the advantages.

Wood is one of the most hard-wearing materials available and with experience can be worked relatively easily, especially nowadays with the advances in treatments & technologies. Accoya┬« for instance is a specially treated timber that has a lifespan of over 50 years!

Timber windows and doors its assumed need to be single glazed, this is incorrect and the glazing options available with our bespoke timber windows & doors are extensive!

Wood is long lasting:

  • Timber windows and doors are a lot easier to repair than plastic, UVC, which will fade or discolour over time due to dirt and UV exposure. Timber windows can be refreshed & reprotected easily with a new coat of paint or staining.
  • Maintenance of timber windows and doors is also not required as regularly as you may think, at Brothers Joinery we recommend you retreat new joinery up to every 8 years.

Wood is environmentally friendly:

  • Wood used from sustainable forests means that trees are planted to replace any that are cut down. Timber is the most sustainable and the greenest choice of any material.
  • Plastic, UVC can occasionally be recycled but is normally downcycled or goes to landfill instead as it can be costly to recycle properly.
  • Wood unlike plastic is biodegradable.
  • Manufacturing a plastic window also has a toxic impact on the environment, producing an extra 160kgs of carbon dioxide more than the manufacturing of a timber window.

Wood is energy efficient:

  • Timber has naturally insulating properties, meaning that timber windows and doors provide much better thermal efficiency and sound proofing than their plastic counterparts, helping protect you from harsh winters & ambient noise.

Brothers Joinery is one of the leading manufacturers of bespoke joinery products, wooden windows and timber doors in London. Whether your project requires a full service from design, creation and installation or supply only, we are here to help.

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